His furniture line is a culmination of his love of natural materials in their organic form, mid-century classic furniture, and his meticulous craftsmanship skills.
We are a small Los Angeles based furniture company committed to creating unique and enduring handcrafted designs.
Inspired by mid-century classics, our furniture merges meticulous craftsmanship with the natural beauty of wood to create one-of-a-kind statement pieces that are sturdy enough to use as a stepladder.
Our craftsmen utilize traditional woodworking techniques with time tested natural oil finishes and a variety of responsibly harvested wood species, salvaged reclaimed lumber, and storm damaged timber.
A born outdoorsman, Matt grew up living in many diverse regions of the country: Texas, New York, California, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Colorado. From these contrasting wide open and urban spaces he developed a grand view of natural landscapes and city life and the way we interact with them.
After gaining years of experience in construction and design, Matt worked at BDDW in New York for several years building their acclaimed wood furniture. He later attended Cranbrook Academy of Art where he received an MFA in Sculpture. His unique large scale sculptures have been shown all around the country. Matt’s background in fine art and knowledge of construction inform his furniture designs,balancing the formal considerations of sculpture and the gratifying pragmatism of furniture classics.
After doing custom design and fabrication work for several years, Matt opened a shop in Los Angeles’ Eastside in 2012 and formed Monroe Workshop. Monroe Workshop’s clients include Commune Design, hotel chain Ace Hotels, and Eileen Fisher.